• Product Design Assessment certificate from the  American Bureau of Shipping ABS

• Suitable for use in console and engine room

• 8 multi analog inputs adjusted to sensors J, K, PT100 and 0÷20mA, 4÷20mA with resolution 0÷2000 units

• Up to 32 alarms, 4 for each channel

• 12 outputs can drive micro-relays, 8 LEDS, 2 groups of averages of the channels

• Power supply output +24VDC to supply micro-relays and transmitters 4÷20mA

• Time delay for each alarm • Alarm overflow and wrong connection

• The set points can function either as an alarm or as limits supervisors

• Possibility to invert the commands High and Low of Set Points

• Detection of cut line or short circuit line in the temperature sensors

• Each channel can be activated or deactivated and set or not to the average group which belongs

• Internal relay 250VAC 10A for setting up an external alarm circuit in case of main power failure

• One general internal relay output 250VAC 10A

• LCD Screen of 2×16 characters

• Device can be connected to a computer for network monitoring

• Dimensions 144x144x44mm

• Device is mounted on a panel hole with dimensions 138×138 mm

• Connection with pluggable terminal blocks

• Power supply 24VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz or 24VDC +30% /-10% 50/60Hz

• Maximum consumption 10W

• Operating temperature: -15÷70˚C

• Internal power supply fast blow fuse 1A

• Internal fast blow fuse in the outputs: 315mA

• Internal fast blow fuse in the network’s communication: 315mA

• Class of equipment: Class II

• Front side protection rating ΙΡ42


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