Control device CHILLER / HEAT PUMP for 1 or 2 compressors with Analog Output 0-10 V 

  • MACON_C2 ( 1st circuit) / MACON_C2B (2nd circuit)
  • Application in refrigeration machines and heat pumps with 2 circuits
  • Controls 1 or 2 compressors
  • Frost monitoring in OFF mode where the pump is engaged
  • 5 PTC temperature sensors range -50 ÷ 99.9ºC, where the 3 sensors are for the first circuit, input / output water and de-Frost control and the 2 for the second circuit, water output and deFrost control
  • Decimal temperature display / Accuracy 0.5ºC
  • 9 digital inputs, 6 for the first circuit and 3 for the second circuit
  • 10 relay outputs 250VAC 5A
  • 1 analog output 0-10 Volt
  • Cooling – heating function / Defrost function
  • ON/OFF device button
  • Alarm high – low pressure in refrigeration circuits
  • Maximum consumption for each device 5Watt
  • MACON_C2 is mounted on a panel / Dimensions 28x70x75mm
  • MACON_C2Β is mounted on a Ω rail / Dimensions 70x90x65mm
  • Connection with terminal blocks 28-16 AWG 1.5mm2
  • Power supply 24VAC/DC ± 10% 50/60Hz 5W
  • Storage temperature -20 ÷ +80ºC
  • ΙΡ65 protection on the front


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