• Touch technology use of the keyboard

• Temperature control range -50÷150°C(-58÷302°F)

• PTC 1K temperature sensor

• Decimal display of temperature in range -19.9÷99.9°C (accuracy 0.1°C)

• Automatic and manual deFrost function

• Digital input for open door control

• Power supply 230VAC  50/60Hz 3W

• Compressor relay 250VAC 30A 2ΗΡ

• Door resistor relay 250VAC 10A

• DeFrost relay 250VAC 5A

• Fan relay 250VAC 5A

• Serial input / Alarm buzzer

• Device can be connected to Mini Logger or computer through CAMIN software for monitoring

• High – Low temperature alarm and open door alarm

• ON/OFF device button

• Quick parameters programming through use of programming key

• Dimensions 28x70x80mm

• The device is mounted on a panel hole 29x71mm

• Connection with terminal tabs 6.3×0.8mm

• IP protecting rating:ΙΡ65 for the front side



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